PG in Delhi

Are you Searching for affordable PG in Delhi? Well, it's not as easy as you think, because nowadays finding good accommodation has become a difficult thing for students and professionals and Couples....

Alexandro has so many PG options for you in all the major locations of Delhi. So, no matter whether you are a student, a working professional, or a couple, we have the best option for you.

Even If You are looking for Co-living spaces or PG in other cities like Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, etc, we have the options available for you PAN India with no hidden and zero brokerage charges.

Check out our top PG Rooms in Delhi such as HelloWorld Rafale HelloWorld Beckham, MuLive- Mayfair, Chillar PG, HelloWorld Kalkaji , and a lot more. You can easily go to our website and compare the prices, location, amenities, and metro connectivity of our trusted and verified spaces. We have also partnered with top PG brands, so find your ideal living space with Alexandro Spaces.

Top PG in Delhi

  1. Eden by Hive
  2. Jade by Hive
  3. HelloWorld Boeing
  4. HelloWorld Aerocity
  5. HelloWorld Rafale
  6. HelloWorld Beckham
  7. MuLive- Mayfair
  8. Chillar PG
  9. HelloWorld Kalkaji

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Eden by Hive

Satya Niketan, Delhi

24/7 Support, Air conditioning . Wifi . Kitchen . Washing machine

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 13,000/month

Jade by Hive

Satya Niketan, Delhi

High-Speed Wifi, Well-ventilated rooms, Smart LED TV

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 13,000/month

HelloWorld Boeing

Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi

High-Speed Wifi, Collaborative staff, Regular sanitization

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 14,500/month

HelloWorld Aerocity

Sector 7, Dwarka, Delhi

Private wardrobe, side table, AC, online doctor consultation

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 7,500/month

HelloWorld Rafale

Dwarka, New Delhi

24/7 Support, Air conditioning , Wifi , Kitchen , Washing machine

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 6,000/month

HelloWorld Beckham

New Friends Colony, Delhi

Chill and Play rooms, Dining Area, Attached bathrooms

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 11,000/month

MuLive- mayfair

Sector 7, Dwarka

High-Speed Wifi, Comfortable Work Desks, Well-ventilated rooms

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 10,500/month

Chillar PG

Extension near Tata Telco, Delhi

gym, cafe, security, housekeeping service, personal work desk

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 4,500/month

HelloWorld Kalkaji

Kalkaji, New Delhi

delicious meals, CCTV surveillance and more

 Best Price Gurantee

₹ 9,000/month

Frequently Asked Questions for PG in Delhi

Q- What is PG and how does it work in Delhi?

Ans- A Paying Guest (PG) Accommodation is basically a rental place where people stay for short/long periods depending on their requirements. It comprises single rooms, double occupancy rooms and triple occupancy rooms fitted with a wide range of basic amenities. It is generally cheaper than hotels and flats, that’s why a lot of people prefer renting a PG in Delhi due to its affordability.

Q- How to find a PG for rent in Delhi?

Ans- If you are looking for a PG for rent, type “Alexandro PG in Delhi” on google’s search tab. Then click on the website and select the suitable PG which fits your budget and expectations. Book the PG of your choice as soon as you are sure about it. Simple!

Q- How much does PG cost in Delhi?

Ans- In a city like Delhi, a well-constructed and well-equipped PG with key amenities would cost you as low as Rs.4,500/month.

Q- What facilities are provided in PGs?

Ans- The modern-day facilities provided by PGs in this location include balconies, attached bathrooms, wifi connectivity, sufficient air conditioning, cleaning services, home-cooked delicious meals, refrigerator, washing machine, high-level security and many more.

Q- Are Paying Guests in Delhi good for students?

Ans- Paying Guests in Delhi are designed as per the requirements of students who have shifted to the city for their higher education. The rent of the paying guest accommodation is also decided to keep the budget of a student in mind.

Q- What are the documents required for PG?

Ans- The essential documents are Aadhaar Card or Pan Card while moving into a PG.

Q- Which are the luxury Paying Guest accommodation in Delhi?

Ans- Some of the branded or luxury PG in Delhi are HelloWorld Beckham, Stanza San Diego House etc.

Q- Which are the affordable PG in Delhi?

Ans- Some of the affordable PGs are HelloWorld Aerocity, HelloWorld Rafale etc.

Q- Which are the best PG in Delhi?

Ans- The best PGs are Mulive Dwarka, HelloWorld Boeing, HelloWorld Beckham etc.

Q- Which are the best PG for couples in Delhi?

Ans- The best PG for couples in Delhi are Mulive Dwarka, HelloWorld Boeing etc.

Q- What is the price of a single room PG in Delhi?

Ans- The comfortable and elegant single room PG in Delhi starts from Rs.8,000/month.

Q- What is the price of a double occupancy PG in this city?

Ans- The cosy and clean double occupancy room starts from Rs.4,500/month.

Q- What is the price of a triple occupancy PG?

Ans- The hygienic and comfortable triple occupancy room starts from Rs. 4,000/month.

Q- Which is the best PG in Delhi for male?

Ans- The best boys PG in Delhi include Stanza Tortel House, Stanza Lorient House etc.

Q- Which is the best PG in Delhi for Female?

Ans- The best girls PG in Delhi are Stanza Stockton House, Stanza Kiel House etc.

Q- What are the popular locations for PG in this city?

Ans- Some of the popular locations in Delhi for renting a PG include Connaught Place, Greater Kailash, Hauz Khas, Nehru Place, Rajouri Garden etc.

Q- Is it possible to get a Paying Guest in Delhi under 5000?

Ans- Yes, it is very much possible to get a paying guest accommodation under Rs.5000 in Delhi. The price is low because most of the people who rent a PG are either students or young working professionals who are at the early stage of their careers.

Q- Can we cook in Paying Guests in Delhi?

Ans- Yes, you are free to cook in the fully operational kitchen available in the PGs. All the required ingredients and advanced appliances are available. We care for your midnight hunger and don't want you to sleep hungry.

Q- What are the prices of PG in Delhi with food and without food?

Ans- The cost of a PG with food in Delhi starts from Rs.8000/month and without food starts from Rs.5000/month.

Q- How is the surrounding area near PGs in the city?

Ans- The surrounding area of PGs in this city is bustled with cafes, corporate offices, luxury hotels, ATMs, art galleries, prominent hospitals, banks, corporate offices, glitzy malls, parks, fine dining restaurants and educational institutions etc.

Q- What are the benefits of living in a PG?

Ans- The major benefit of a PG is affordability. Other than this, there are many other benefits such as hygienic rooms, homelike comfort, high-level security, homely vibes, and nominal deposit etc.

Q- How's life in a PG?

Ans- Imagine waking up to a beautiful view from your balcony with a warm cup of coffee and getting hot breakfast served in the morning. Sounds nice? Similarly, when you come back from college/office, you get delicious snacks and dinner. You just have to live, relax, eat, sleep and repeat. Inshort, just feel at home!

Q- Are Delhi’s PGs safe for girls?

Ans- The modern PG accommodations have CCTVs installed in their premises to prevent any kind of mishappenings with any resident including both girls and boys. Your safety is our biggest concern and topmost priority.

Q- What precautions are being taken to protect the PGs from Covid-19 breakout?

Ans- All the essential precautionary measures such as social distancing, frequent sanitisation, regular disinfection of highly touched areas, thermal monitoring etc. are being taken for your safety. Covid-19 outbreak is tough for all of us and we are together in this. We assure you a safe and healthy living experience.

Tips for First-timers in a PG in Delhi

  • Communicate : Talking to people & knowing them will make you settle down in the new place more easily.
  • Cleanliness : While the level of cleanliness might vary from person to person, basic tidines is a must have. Try to understand what bothers your co-living neighbours the most.
  • Respect others privacy : Everyone in a shared living space comes from a different background. While your likes might not always match with others, it is important to have a mutual agreement on certain things.
  • Bringing friends for a party : If you live in an all women’s paying guest it is important for them to know that your friends are coming over particularly if there is any male friend of yours.
  • Handle Disputes Maturely : It is possible to have disputes with your neighbours on things which you don’t. Try to keep your calm & maintain a healthy relationship with your mates.

Covid-19 Guidelines to Keep in Mind Before Moving to Your New Place.

  • Social Distance : It's difficult to maintain social distance in PGs but you must not engage in social groups to keep yourself safe.
  • Personal Hygiene : Make sure to keep yourself sanitized all the time before coming in contact with an individual.
  • Group Studies : Studying in a group could be crucial for you. However, keeping in mind Covid-19 it is advisable to keep others & yourself safe.
  • No Mask, No stepping out : Mask is the need of the hour now. So, please make sure to carry a face mask.
  • Maintain Hygiene in common spaces : During this pandemic it is important to maintain social distance which we have already discussed earlier & avoid sharing common spaces with your co-living mates.