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Getting your unique space or venue listed on FlySpaces is painless, and more importantly it’s FREE to you! As a marketplace, we believe in the power of transparency and we are always welcoming ALL types of spaces to list on our platform.

We are Southeast Asia’s leading digital marketplace for flexible workspaces - with the largest inventory of 2500+ spaces, we offer the best short-term solutions for entrepreneurs, startups and multinational companies alike.

We Handle:

Lead Generation

We have a team dedicated to driving traffic to your space with SEO and SEM initiatives that have consistently ranked us on the first page of Google searches! Leads are automatically and instantaneously sent to your inbox and by SMS.



We’re a one stop shop, offering curated listings, dedicated landing pages, professional photography, social media marketing, featured blog articles, and newsletter features! Leverage the scale of our HUGE market reach!


360 Online Transaction System

With our extensive online inventory, clients can instantly book and pay online. Seamless transactions mean less administrative work and increased bookings.



  • It is 100% free to list
  • Access to free tools to manage leads, messages, and bookings
  • 24/7 support from the FlySpaces team
  • More high quality leads
  • Instant notification system so you will not miss a lead again!
  • Avoid the middleman (brokers!) and speak directly to customers. We stay out of it!

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