Co-working Office space in Gurgaon

Why, where, when and how to choose best Pre-leased Property for sale

Special economic zones (SEZs) are regions within countries where tax is reduced, bureaucratic regulation lowered, and incentives offered so that more companies are attracted to that Area. SEZs are specially defined duty-free enclaves for the purpose of trade, operations, duty and tariffs. These zones are self contained and incorporated, having their own infrastructure and support services. An SEZ is a geographical region that has economic laws different from a country’s generally applicable economic laws, with the fundamental objective being an increase in economic growth and activity through increased foreign investment.

Gurgaon Real Estate as Investment Hub ?

Gurgaon is the ideal location for investment in Real Estate for both local residents and NRI’s. Located within the NCR region, Gurgaon city is home to a vast number of medium & large multi-national companies. Gurgaon is well connected with the International Airport and a variety of major highways. The city is full of much-required amenities like Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and high street Markets. Gurgaon is truly one of the most convenient and prominent locations on the map of the country. Gurugram’s commercial property market, especially in case of  Pre-Leased Property for sale, continues to outperform the other property investment options. There are several factors that continue to work in favour of the Gurgaon property market like Realtors, Multinational Tenants, Investor, Strong peripheral Resale market, Well connected Commercial spaces & corporate offices & MNC’. The upward trend for efficient co-working office space has been very evident in the last couple of years.

“Pre-leased Property for Sale in Gurgaon” – Type of Tenants


If you want to get fixed rental return with safe investment then you can invest to buy a commercial property or office space rented to a MNC, because MNC as a tenant in your property the chances of vacation of the property are very less and they will give you fixed rental rental income for a long time period with good appreciation. The return on investment or ROI on pre leased MNC property is generally between 6% to 8%.

Limited or Govt. Company

Looking for invest in a property with high returns you can buy a commercial property rented to a Limited or Govt. Company , you will get good rental return because every Limited or Govt. Company is a professionally managed company and has a lot of organizational stability. The return on investment or ROI on pre leased Limited or Govt. Company LEASED property is generally between 6% to 8%.

Retail Shop

Investment in a retail shop or showroom will give you very good capital appreciation along with modest Rental Returns. All the aspects of shop are very important like Location, Layout & Floor. In case of Pre- Rented retail shop, we help you to identify & buy the best in Gurgaon. The return on investment or ROI on a pre leased Retail property is generally between 5% to 6%.

Bank Leased Property

Property rented to a Bank is the safest and most preferred investment option generally chosen by seasoned and old investors. The return on investment or ROI on Pre Leased bank property is generally between 4.5 to 6% which is very happily accepted market norm among the investors due to the high degree of safety of the rent. Property rented to a Bank in Gurgaon is available for sale at various locations in Gurgaon and budget size starts from 5 Cr onwards.

Pre-Leased Independent Building

Investment into Pre-Leased Independent buildings is a very good option for investors looking to invest with a big budget around 8 cr plus. Buildings rented to a good company will always carry a very low risk factor. Pre-Leased Independent buildings in Gurgaon are available for sale at various locations on Gurgaon. Preferred location for investment in Pre-Leased Independent building in Gurgaon is UDYOG VIHAR. The return on investment or ROI on Pre-Leased Independent Building is generally between 8% to 11%.

Pre-Leased Warehouse

Buying a warehouse in Gurgaon as a pre leased investment option is a good idea. Due to the proximity to both domestic and international airport there is a lot of demand for warehousing space in Gurgaon. All big and major online stores and sellers like amazon , flipkart , myntra etc have taken multiple warehouse spaces at various locations in Gurgaon making it a very good investment option for the buyer of rented property. The return on investment or ROI on Pre- Leased Warehouse space is generally between 8% to 10%.