Commercial space on rent in Gurgaon

Buying Commercial Property in Gurgaon . VALUE

Buying commercial property in Gurgaon is a common practice for many business houses to set-up their offices and investors looking for good returns. There are various advantages to investing in a commercial property in Gurgaon. Commercial property investment has always given better returns as compared to residential property investment. The annual rental yield on commercial properties ranges from 6% to 8% on ready to move in properties for investors looking at a safe return and for aggressive investors the annual rental yield can go as high as 11% when the capital is invested in Assured Return commercial Projects of office spaces and retail areas.

A Investment in commercial property can generate profit in two ways. One would be by generating rental income from the property by putting it up on lease to a good company and the other would be by way of selling that property in future at a premium or can be both. An investment commercial property should be bought with a long-term perspective so that the investment made can generate good returns for the investor.

Commercial property for sale in Gurgaon. Principal Verticals

Offices Space

Commercial Offices and IT Parks


Industrial Buildings & Industrial Land


Restaurants Space, Hotels, Leisure Parks

Retail Area

Retail Shops, Showroom in Shopping Malls, Shop in High Street Markets

Investment Properties

Pre Rented Properties, Assured Return Properties, Properties with fixed rental returns

Commercial Property in Gurgaon . Why to Invest

While buying a commercial property in Gurgaon, there are some important points to bear in mind and a professional assistance is required at all stages of acquisition. We at Alexadro Realty share this guide to buying commercial property in Gurgaon which will introduce you to everything involved in buying a commercial asset from choosing the right kind of property for you to legal contracts and finally shifting in your property. Investors , Larger businesses & Corporates with substantial capital investments buying commercial property can have a number of benefits, apart from capital appreciation if the commercial property is used for self use it has various advantages.


To use the property, design, make repairs and move when you want

No rental increases

Since you own the property no need to worry about rent increase


If the property gains value, you will be the one to profit from it


You can lease out part of the property to lessen the mortgage repayments (if any)

Lease Returns

In future, if your business moves, you can Lease the property to another company and start earning Rental income from your commercial property

Depreciation Benefit

You can claim yearly depreciation benefits on your commercial property in your book of accounts

Choosing the Right Gurgaon Commercial Property to Buy


Commercial property for sale comes in a range of sizes, and which type of commercial property you choose to buy will depend on the requirements of your business. Before you choose a commercial property to buy, you should think about which of these premises is most suited to your business requirements, whether this is an office, factory, shop or combination of these.

Commercial Property in Gurgaon . Points to consider before Buying

  • Space – how much area you need for your business activities
  • Facilities – which ones you will require (such as housekeeping, parking etc)
  • Impressions – what impression the building will give customers and clients
  • Budget – whether the property is in your price range
  • Productivity – whether the building will be comfortable and productive for your staff to work in
  • Legal Requirements – whether the property meets health safety and fire requirements

Commercial Property in Gurgaon . Land Ownership . Land Title

  • Freehold Property – An interest in land that is not limited by time. The owner of a freehold property owns the land itself and any buildings / structures on it.
  • Leasehold – A time limited interest in land, although leasehold properties the lease is virtually perpetual (long leases is granted for 99 years which can be further renewed). Majorly, all commercial properties in Gurgaon are on a Freehold basis.

Alexandro Realty will help you to find the right type of property to buy in Gurgaon.

Buy Commercial Property in Gurgaon . Choose the Perfect Location

The location of the commercial property we need to buy is vital for its use and capital appreciation. When searching for commercial property for sale in Gurgaon, make sure it is in a location that best suits your business needs and well connected to either Delhi Metro Line which crosses MG Road and terminates on Huda City Centre or the DLF Rapid Metro which cover the whole of DLF Cyber City and runs through entire Golf Course Road with the last station at Huda Sector 55 & 56 Gurgaon to enable easy approach both for the Client and Employees. Prominent locations for buying commercial property & office space in Gurgaon would be MG Road, Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road & Sohna Road. India’s prominent Business Houses have their corporates offices in the Institutional Sector 32 on National Highway 8 opposite the famous Medicity Medanta Hospital & Institutional Sector 44 touching Huda City Centre Metro Station. Another great location for high street retail brands is DLF Galleria Market & Cross Point Mall located in DLF Phase 5. Huda Sector 29 is most famous for opening Fine Dine restaurant or Brewery. DLF Cyber hub is the most famous food destination attracting people from Delhi and nearby areas but restaurant space and is only available on lease. Udyog Vihar Phase 1 to Udyog Vihar Phase 5 is most suited for Industrial units and are also being used for commercial office space and is a preferred destination for someone looking at bigger space at affordable cost. DLF Cyber City Gurgaon houses the best of the international names and the area available is on lease model only.

Funding Your Commercial Property in Gurgaon . Bank Loan

When you find the right commercial property in the right location for your business, unless you have a large amount of spare capital for purchase, you will require a commercial loan to fund the property purchase transaction. A Commercial property loan is generally different from a Housing loan and rate of interest also varies. We, at Alexandro Realty, have exclusive corporate tie-ups with major PSU & Private banks to provide our clients commercial loans at special interest rates with the waiver of processing charges. Also, we can fund the purchase of our new commercial property by raising a LAP, Loan against an existing Property.

Gurgaon Commercial Property . Acquisition Cost

Buying a commercial property requires a variety of other costs over and above the property purchase price. These include :

  • Title Search Fee – for generating due diligence report or Title Search report of the property confirming clear title of the property by Property Law Firm.
  • Registration Fee – Cost of procurement of Stamp Papers and Legal Fee payable to the Advocate for executing registration in the Sub-Registrar office
  • Brokerage Fee – Fees payable to Alexandro Realty for negating and closing the transaction

Setting up your commercial premises will also require you to set a budget for :

Interior Consultant & Infrastructure setup Cost

Office furniture and equipment cost

Data Server Room & IT cost

We have Listed below some of top commercial properties and projects in Gurgaon for both self-use and investment